Buses, Trucks, Food Service Equipment Surplus Auction

A new Auction Round starts today! 

Bidding starts Thursday August 31, and runs for 7 days!  It’s a good round with a good selection of items.

All of these items are in Atwater or Merced.   We have 10 Crown buses to move out of California – they are not CARB compliant so they get to go to a new home out of state.  They are 1985 to 1990 models and are in good running condition.  Some of these buses are very low mileage!  

Also on the auction block are 6 pickup trucks, 1991 to 2000 models, and a cargo van.  We also have some grounds equipment, and a nice selection of Food Service Equipment.  

The Food Service items include mixers, a hot food service station, buffalo chopper, slicers, and much more.  come take a look at our store on OLA.COM:  http://www.ola.com/store/roknauctions