About Us

ROKn Auctions was formed when InterSchola ceased doing business.  The principals of this company had both worked for InterSchola, and believed that the system that had been created was absolutely the best way that schools could profitably get rid of stuff they no longer need, and savvy buyers could get great deals on retired equipment that might need repair but is still usable.

Len Wilcox was with InterSchola almost from the start.  Twenty years ago he worked on the first online auctions that the Fresno area clients had. Eventually Len became the first-line supervisor for the 10 Auction Managers employed in California, and Randy Koontz with his background in advertising & marketing, came on board to manage the Central California clients.  He quickly learned the system and had a real aptitude for online auction sales.

With the unfortunate closure of InterSchola, Len and Randy responded to their clients’ need and created ROKn Auctions to fill the gap.  They streamlined their operation, identified and avoided the problems which snowballed and brought about InterSchola’s demise, and moved forward with online auction sales in the same tradition and following the proven method.

Cris Moradian joined the team and learned the ropes from Randy and Len.  With his background in project management and client service, Cris has recently taken the lead for primary operations and is looking to expand the footprint of ROKn Auctions within Central California.  We welcome new clients and appreciate referrals!

If you’re an interested bidder/buyer, please contact us and we will add you to our list advising when our auctions start and end. We look forward to doing business with you!

Any questions, feel free to email us – auction-info at roknauctions.com