Last 3 Lots of Chromebooks at Auction Now

We are listing the last three lots of Chromebooks for our client in Ceres, CA.
These devices are HP Chromebook 11’s mostly model G3 with a few G4’s intermingled.  We gave three lots of devices carton packed and shrink wrapped on pallets.  Lot #3 has 4,320 units, Lot #4 has 120 units, and Lot #5 has 1,860 units.
Here are the basic specifications for all:
Processor: Celeron N2840 / 2.16 GHz
Operating System: Chrome OS
Storage:16 GB SSD
Display: 11.6” HD w/LED
Weight: 2.83 lbs.
Battery: 9.5 hours
Hard Drives: wiped of student info and factory reset
To bid, see our eBay listing at